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2018: Lombok, Bali and Sumbawa Earthquake
Tsunami Aceh
Bali Recovery
Jogja Earthquake
Middle of Sulawesi Tsunami
Papua Floods
We have support natural disaster survivors in the whole of Indonesia
2020: COVID-19 Pandemic
2018: Mount Agung Eruption, Bali
Timor Timur Riot
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About Kita Peduli Indonesia

This movement since 2002, Bali Bombs and Terrorism attack then continued to Tsunami disaster in Aceh 2004. This movement was initiated by our team who desire to help the natural disaster survivors for humanity. In 2019, we established the formal foundation named Yayasan Kita Peduli Indonesia Lestari or Sustainable Foundation of We Care Indonesia.

This was initially our inner circle friendship which now we already have a whole network going (including dispatcher/transport), Bali based doctors associations, Red Cross Indonesia (PMI) and many more. We are a first-hand fundraiser and also the direct distributor to the survivors in the natural disaster area due to our full-network team.

We are looking forward to a bigger team and partner, Join us to save lives!

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Report of Our Activity

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COVID-19 has ruin many lives. Many passed away, others are suffering economically. We got report that many medical teams experience shortage in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Therefore Kita Peduli Indonesia joins hands to work on the procurements for basic foods and PPE for hospitals in needs, the homeless and jobless ones. Click button bellow to support us!

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There are some ways you can support us, by sending us funding or goods to help survivors in needs or joining our team to save lives!

Support Us 

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Our Caring for Lombok

Lombok Earthquake (Started August 5th until 31st August 2018 has killed 563 people, injure 1.116 people, 71.937 building broken and 417.529 evacuated due to more than a thousand aftershocks (5 aftershocks reach the 6,5 to 7 SR - same with the main earthquake).

Sumbawa needs us!

Lombok Earthquake also affect Sumbawa terribly. There are 6 died, 53 injured, 49,188 evacuated and 9302 building and public facilities broken. We are not stop with helping those the Lombok victims, we also want to become a helping hand for the whole NTB people who needs us.

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