COVID-19 has ruined many lives. Many passed away, others are suffering economically. We got a report that many medical teams experience a shortage in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Therefore Kita Peduli Indonesia joins hands to work on the procurement for basic foods and PPE for hospitals in needs, the homeless and jobless ones.

You can help by sending us funding through: 

1. Mandiri Bank | IDR Account: 145-00-0460040-5
Account Name: Yusnah Komala Ningsih | SWIFT Code: BMRIIDJA | Note: Lawan Covid 19

2. Bank Central Asia (BCA) | USD Account: 1460377087 | IDR Account:1460005511
Account Name: Lusia Tjiptadi | SWIFT Code: CENAIDJA | Note: Lawan Covid 19

or buy one of these products to help us provide helps for this pandemic (all of these products are

ready stock in Kerobokan, Bali):

Mask KPI
Mask KPI
Batic Mask per 12 pcs
Batic Mask per 12 pcs
Tahu Bandung (10 pcs)
Tahu Bandung
Tembro (tempe di Jero) per 10 pcs
Tembro (tempe di Jero)
Rujak Cireng / package
Fish Ball
Fish Ball
Dupa Cendana Brangsinga
Dupa Cendana
Dupa Gaharu Pramaguhya, Divya, Maha Puja, Brangsinga
Dupa Gaharu
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For further Information, Contact us:

Dr. Sundari Manoppo +62 815 5752494
Yusna Lala +62 811396945
Maria Odilia +62 813 38438668
Maya Kusmawati +62 812 3826281
Lusia Tjiptadi +62 811 3805038
Thora Moss +62 812 3849905
Ayu Alfarhani +62 812 37872673

Contact us!

+62811 396 945

Jl. Daksina No. 3 Batu Belig

Kerobokan - Kuta

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